Mulder, it's me.

I've, on a rare occasion, had people tell me that I could write and in my naïveté I believe them. Then I sit down to write some tiny blurb about myself, all puffed up on the previously outlined compliment(s?) and the English language mentally morphs into hieroglyphs. So, on that note, I present to you a bulleted list:

  • I am a '90s sci-fi television-phile. Twin Peaks, The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sit me down in front of a TV and unlimited access to those three shows and be prepared to not speak to me for roughly 10.5 days (I just did the math and I'm a finance major so it checks out). 
    • Sub-point alert! This sounds really exclusive and I would just like to clarify that my loyalty lies with TV in general, this genre is just my favorite.
  • I've been taking pictures since I was 13, however, any portion of my body of work before age 21ish is rubbish and I wouldn't present it to mine worst enemy. So, there's hope for everyone!
  • When I get to heaven, I'm going to attend every single show on David Bowie's afterlife festival circuit.
  • St. Vincent's "Actor," Father John Misty's "Fear Fun," and Beach House's "Teen Dream" are, IMO, the best albums of our generation. (Please don't ask me what I think the best albums of the prior generation are because it would send me into an indecisive panic).
  • I currently live in Dallas after spending the maximum amount of time a human being should in College Station (Gig Me!) and work at a letterpress studio.

Honestly, this is random and you probably don't know me any better than you did before reading this and furthermore it's already longer than it needs to be, but here it is! In all of it's gritty glory. 

My contact info is at the right, HMU for literally anything! I'm a nice girl!



instagram: fashion__dad

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