My time with Jordan and Sean actually got started back in 2015 when Sean very sneakily recruited me to paparazzi their proposal session. Watching a proposal from afar is a weird combination of feeling like you're imposing on a very intimate moment...and, well, mostly just that. But apparently I did something right because they asked me to shoot their wedding the following year! A brief blurb of their proposal shoot, back when I was still a tiny baby photographer, doing the very best I could.

As I just mentioned, at this time I'm still an infant photographer. It hadn't dawned on me yet that people plan their weddings years in advance. So, Sean asks me to shoot their wedding, I ecstatically comply, and then we wait for roughly a year and a half, a tiny blip on the timeline of Jordan and Sean who had been dating for something like 6 years. 

Fast forward to April 2017. A big day for all involved. Primarily big because Jordan and Sean are getting hitched, but also my second full-blown wedding to shoot solo.

And the day was honestly great. Jordan was an incredibly chill bride which is every photographer's dream come true. The venue, shout out to The Laurel in Grapevine, Texas, was fabulous. Sean's groomsmen were generally very compliant, which is truly the absolute most you can ask for. It was just all around a top-notch day on all fronts.

So, out of hundreds of pictures, these are the ones I felt best encompass the emotions of the squad. Just lots of laughter all around, which is honestly the best way to do it. Enjoy!

(Also, a special shoutout to my gal pal, Nicole Witt, for second shooting this one with me! Check out her work at Wilderado Creative.)


If you would like to see to the rest of these photos, hmu at and I'll grant thee access! There's, like, roughly a billion.


Abbey's bridal shoot is quite possibly the shoot I'm most proud of thus far. I can't exactly take all the credit because you would be surprised how substantial the subject is in creating an incredible shoot and Abbey absolutely slew (which I checked and this is the technical past tense of "slay" so please, hold your criticism).

Abbey recently transplanted to Dallas so, naturally, we chose some of the more savory locations that required her mom-turned-security-detail to keep a watchful eye on our belongings and general wellbeing. 'Twas worth the peril!

Here are some of my favorites from Abbey's shoot.